It's almost like I've been dreaming for over a decade. A lot of it is like those vivid, lucid dreams and the others are the kind you can't remember. The more I go on, the more I'm starting to remember and it's getting hard for me. I blocked out a lot that's coming forward again.… Continue reading Asleep


Making Art

   When 2 humans, both crazy and broken fall in love, insanity may occur. It too shall pass because these souls need each other to repair each's eternal souls. The complicated makeup of these people may require multiple resources for repair.      Such as: burning, melting, beating, loving care and attention, delicate touch and… Continue reading Making Art


Look, I'm writing all of this from an s7 edge in the middle of nowhere. I can't afford the art work for a good blog and I am not tech savvy enough to create anything unique on my phone right now. These are just my thought, words and memories. I'm not trying to become a… Continue reading S7